Across the nation, legislation is being pushed to remove sacred religious and personal freedoms with the intentionally misleading claim that individuals who are vaccine-free pose a threat to the immunocompromised and others who can’t be vaccinated.

Why is this claim misleading?


  • those who are vaccinated can also catch and spread the infections they are vaccinated for;
  • those who are vaccinated  and still able to spread infection outnumber those who choose not to vaccinate;
  • those who are vaccinated  have a false sense of security that they are protected and protective;
  • those who are vaccinated  often have no symptoms to alert them they are contagious at early stages of waning protection;
  • those who are vaccinated increasingly include the immunocompromised.

It’s also misleading because anyone who is immunocompromised must avoid exposure to ANY infectious disease, not just the few targeted by vaccines. One hundred percent vaccination rates of everyone in the nation would not improve the safety of public spaces for those who are immunocompromised because:

  • the vast majority of infections do not have vaccines targeting them;
  • many vaccine products on the market today do not prevent colonization and transmission, they only temporarily reduce the symptoms of the vaccinated person, but they are still contagious;
  • and all vaccine-protection fades leaving the vaccinated able to catch and spread infection, often without knowing it.

Discrimination against those who choose not to use vaccine-products is unwarranted, unscientific, unethical, and unAmerican.

Honest Public Health messaging would be warning the vaccinated to not assume immunity and not to presume they cannot spread infection, even in the absence of symptoms.

Honest Public Health messaging would be spotlighting the dilemma of the vaccinated being potential asymptomatic transmitters of infection and cautioning against presuming their vaccination status equals no risk of spreading the targeted infections to the immunocompromised.

This is not misinformation, it’s the missing information.

It’s what the major marketing campaigns of Pharma-State* intentionally don’t tell the public in order to maintain high vaccination rates, regardless of vaccine limitations, risks, or unintended consequences.

Q: How do you protect the immunocompromised from communicable infection?
A: Regardless of vaccination status:
  • follow hygienic protocols (wash hands, cover coughs, stay home when sick)
  • follow a healthy lifestyle to reduce infection risk
  • around the immunocompromised, take extra precautions regardless of lack of symptoms

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*Pharma-State is the term that defines the current status of Public Health organizations. Federal, state, and local taxpayer-funded Public Health organizations work in full collaboration with Pharmaceutical Companies that manufacture vaccines, sharing policy goals, informational materials, and marketing materials. The conflict of interest is beyond excessive, and the undue influence of vaccine makers at all levels of public health policies unethical. The separation of Pharma and State must become a national priority.