Vaccination recommendations and policies that are not rooted in scientific integrity are unethical and put our health at risk.

Informed Choice WA is pro Scientific Integrity.

The below 8 minute video by Robert Kennedy, Jr of the Children’s Health Defense will give you an overview of the safety issues we are facing.

Some of our work toward Scientific Integrity in Vaccine Policy

August 2019 Public Comments to the WA Board of Health. Addressses lies statement and lies of omission from the CDC and WA health departments.

June 2019 LETTER TO UW REGARDING NEW VACCINE REQUIREMENT Addresses a new Fall 2019 requirement for the receipt of a MenACWY (meningococcal) vaccine.

APPEAL TO REMOVE DTAP/TDAP FROM DAYCARE/SCHOOL REQUIREMENT Includes scientific analysis of the acellular pertussis vaccine

AUGUST 2018 COMMENTS TO WA STATE BOARD OF HEALTH Includes points about AIM, the Association of Immunization Managers, a CDC commissioned White Paper, and school immunization data problems.

JULY 2018 COMMENTS TO THE WA VACCINE ADVISORY COMMITTEE Guest speaker Dr. Doug Opel promoted use of “Nudging” and “presumptive language” to overcome “vaccine hesitancy” to increase vaccine acceptance, in violation of the human right to fully informed consent in the absence of coercion.

APRIL 2018 COMMENTS TO THE VACCINE ADVISORY COMMITTEE MenB Vaccines, Flu Mist, 3rd Dose MMR, Mumps Exclusions, Corruption of Scientific Literature.

CALL FOR WASHINGTON STATE TO RESTORE INFORMED CONSENT Calls for Informed Consent regarding vaccination during pregnancy.

COMMUNITY IMMUNITY Are any vaccines capable of creating “herd immunity”?

FACT CHECK: 2017 SENATE WORK SESSION ON VACCINATION This Work Session on Vaccination presentation contained so many errors of fact and troubling statements, InformedChoiceWA, prepared an in-depth fully cited and hyperlinked  Fact Check  of the misinformation.

2017 ICWA & ICAN NOTICES Re:  HHS Vaccine Safety Responsibilities and Notice Pursuant to 42 U.S.C. § 300

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