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General Information about Aluminum

Aluminum in the Brain

Are vaccine aluminum adjuvants safe?

A single vaccine dose is an acute exposure to aluminum for infants

Unexplained Rash? Aluminum Allergy?


Corvella Independent Italian research group analyzed the content of several vaccine products on the market and found not only undeclared contaminants but many were absent the antigens the vaccines were supposed to be protective against

Nanoparticles polluting vaccines – Stefano Montanari & Antonietta Gatti

Retroviruses introduced into vaccines in the manufacturing process- Books PLAGUE & PLAGUE OF CORRUPTION; Youtube video interview;

Global Concern

20 Problems With Vaccine Science

Italian Inquiry Report 2018

PhD Asks Critical Questions

World Health Organization (WHO) 2019 Global Vaccine Safety Summit This gathering in Geneva of top public health official and vaccine experts reveals how their own messaging of “safe and effective” conflicts with the actual state of vaccine safety science. An example of this conflict is seen in this video: W.H.O CHIEF SCIENTIST CAUGHT LYING TO THE PUBLIC

Herd Immunity

Community Immunity?

Asymptomatic carriage by the vaccinated: Appeal to Remove DTaP & Tdap from school requirement

Herd Immunity: A False Rationale for Vaccine Mandates

Historical Insights

Before and After Vaccine Introduction

WA State Historical Data

What about Polio & Smallpox?

Simpsonwood and IOM 2001

Human Fetal Cells

General Information on Fetal DNA in vaccines

Open Letter from Dr. Deisher


Who can spread infection?

Informed Consent

WA State Department of Health Violates Informed Consent

Marketing Fear

Manufactured Crisis



Microbiome & More

Microbiome, Microglia, & Epigenetics


Personalized Medicine

Personalized Medicine

Responsible Choices

Pet Vaccination

Pet Vaccination


Pregnancy & Vaccination

Vitamin K

Vitamin K at birth


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